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Heyman Law

Heyman Law was founded in 2004 in New York City by attorney Barry Heyman. Clients include both creative talent and entrepreneurs / businesses.

Heyman Law provides creators legal advice to protect their creative endeavors and ensure they understand related business and legal dealings.

The firm also provides entrepreneurs and businesses strategic legal advice with respect to their business activities and ventures allowing them the best opportunities to succeed and thrive in the marketplace.

Practice Areas: business, entertainment, new media, music, film, design, corporate matters, contracts, start-ups, intellectual property, trademark, copyright, music and film licensing, consulting and sub-contractor agreements, new media, digital rights licensing and distribution, commercial leasing, purchases and sales.

50% off consultation (up to 1 hr) and 15% off hourly rate for initial legal matter code: heynyu expiration date: 12/31/22

Heyman Law
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